FREE Wi-Fi "Hotspots" are available in most public spaces throughout the North/South and West Buildings on all levels. Public spaces includes food courts, concourses and common areas inside the center. OCCC Free Wi-Fi is not accessible in:

  • Meeting Rooms
  • The Chapin Theater
  • The Lecture Hall
  • Exhibit Halls
  • Administrative Offices

From your Wi-Fi setup screen, simply select the "OCCC Free Wi-Fi" as your network connection. Be sure to "Bookmark" our Smart Phone friendly mobile website at to get access to everything from Calendar of Events, Restaurants & Dining, Maps & Directions, Transportation, Theme Park Tickets, Help & Contact Information and Much More!

OCCC Wi-Fi is the perfect options to use for your personal data communication needs since cellular data service may not work in all locations. Please review Orange County Government - Convention Center free Wi-Fi Privacy Policy and Terms of Use - WiFi PPTOU prior to connecting to the OCCC free Wi-Fi service.


Additional high-speed Wi-Fi service is available from SmartCity Networks for $12.95 per day. Simply select the "Instant Internet" in your network settings and follow the on-screen directions to access to Instant Internet Wi-Fi services. If you have any problems or questions regarding either service option please call SmartCity Networks Customer Service at  (888) 243-5685